This year, aside from V.K himself, Youtubers RuRu Lin from Ru's Piano (with over a million subscribers) and Sunny Chiang from LOL Music were also invited to participate as judges. Many exceptional players participated in the 9th edition, so it was quite difficult to decide the winners, according to the judges. 9-year-old contestant 李苡萱 won 1st prize in the junior category, making her the youngest ever winner. Winner of the 4th and 5th edition 江忻哲 won 1st prize in the adult category. A 3 piece band formed by 韋仲恩, 呂理鈞, and 彭鈺凱 won best remix and 1st prize in the instrumental category with Star Fantasia.

Despite pandemic, many people love V.K's music so much and decided to participate no matter what. The competition is open to any instrument. Anyone can register by shooting a video of himself/herself playing and upload it to Youtube. The Bosendorfer, often being called the “Rolls Royce” of pianos, was used in the finals. Winners of the competition can not only get the prize money, a certificate, and a trophy, but also a personal masterclass with V.K himself.

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Co-organizer: MÜST Music Copyright Society of Chinese Taipei
Sponsor: Bosendorfer, Backstage Café